Who we are

The Asia Transformation and Turnaround Association (ATTA) is a membership organisation of experienced professionals providing business transformation and turnaround management services in Asia.

Leadership in Transformation

ATTA is the premier professional body in Asia that brings together leaders in the transformation and turnaround sector to share their executive experience and industry knowledge. 

ATTA is a platform for innovative problem solvers working on the frontline of business transformation and turnaround management - the people who make day-to-day decisions that shape the future of businesses in Asia and around the world. Transformation and turnaround management are business skills that attract high-energy, innovative individuals with entrepreneurial spirit.  

ATTA brings together professional experts and leading professionals organisation on the frontline of transformation and turnaround who see first-hand the way businesses are evolving in Asia, enabling them to share ideas, information and network with like-minded people. 

Members endorse the highest professional standards of the organisation, possess the experience and skills to warrant accreditation, and can make a unique and valuable contribution to the fields of business transformation and turnaround management.

Platform of Transformation Experts

Asian companies are becoming global companies. In the process, they will run into unfamiliar challenges and need the advice of experienced transformation and turnaround professionals and leading organisations.

One of the key roles of the ATTA members will be to support the evolution of Asian global business and share their experiences in global problem solving in a proper structured organised and informative manner.

Transforming for Sustainable Performance

Not only do transformation and turnaround professionals in Asia need to overcome the usual operational and financial hurdles, they must also have the creativity and diplomacy to understand numerous local business values, customs and cultural barriers.

Everything moves faster in this region, with rapid expansion happening almost overnight compared to Western markets. The rise of digital and a new supply chain ecosystem are shifting how business and things are done and having local knowledge, constant engagement, on the ground expert understanding and strong in depth industry knowledge are critical in today business shifting landscape

Transformation and turnaround professionals in Asia are breaking new ground, so it's crucial to have an organization to facilitate the exchange, a platform for exchange and to come together and share experiences.

Platform for Best Practices in Transformation

Our extensive network is a platform for sharing best practices, insights and learning so as to achieve the best success for the assignment.

We work closely with industry experts, organisational consultants and firms to help to transform and turnaround companies

Our member experts are assigned for a period of time in the organisation to assess and come up with the best mandate for the assignment success. 

Our network of experts are industry veterans, professional leaders, and have years of extensive corporate experiences in local and global operational management, corporate HQ communications, executive coaching, organisational communications, team structuring, crisis management, media government and public relationship, business changes and transformations, etc and they know how and what is needed to help support the assignment to ensure the best successes and result.

Our members interact regularly to ensure members are kept abreast of the changes, happening, development, shift, or disruption that is happening in the marketplace.

NGO Led Expert Volunteers

ATTA is a membership organisation run on a voluntary basis and non profit operation by a board of experienced transformation and turnaround senior professional executives who have broad industry experiences, diverse global business perspectives, organisational leadership, and indepth experts knowledge and experiences in the ever growing Asian markets.

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