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IFT Reciprocal Membership

The IFT offer ATTA members reciprocal membership on request.

The Institute for Turnaround (IFT) is a membership organisation that brings together professionals in transformation and turnaround. In order to be accepted as a member, individuals are required to complete a rigorous membership accreditation process.

This process ensures every member is a professional in turnaround or transformation at the highest level and has been at the core helping struggling businesses recover.

AusTTA Reciprocal Membership

AusTTA offer ATTA members reciprocal membership on request.

The Australia Transformation & Turnaround Association is a premier professional body for Transformation experts. It is membership non profit organisation and focuses on:

  • Improve professionalism in the planning, execution, and implementation of (Transformative) plans in the private and public sectors
  • Qualify and Professionalise the role of Transformation
  • Assess and upgrade the expertise, experience and knowledge of Transformation Professionals
  • Advocate and raise the profile of transformational leadership as a profession
  • Facilitate positive and pro-active engagement with viable enterprises undergoing disruption / change.
  • Advocate early intervention to promote increased optionality.
  • AusTTA does not participate, nor get involved in insolvent proceedings, nor associated, equivalent structures.

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