Shanghai - Troubled Times? Restructuring Amid New Normal China

14 May 2015 11:49 | Anonymous

Seventeen ATTA members and their invitees met at Pistolera in Shanghai on May 14 to discuss what lies ahead in the coming years for agents of Transformation & Turnaround, such as ourselves, in China.

This lively discussion session over Mexican buffet and frozen Margaritas was the first of a two-part discussion,  focusing on new trends being observed in China.  The discussions were facilitated by Yifei Zhang, Account Manager, Control Risks and ATTA Director Steve Hardacre, Managing Director, Game Changing Healthcare.

Unfortunately, we realized that none of us has a crystal ball or very much certainty on how things will actually play out in the coming three years concerning the following key questions:

-Is ongoing and continuous company restructuring the "new norm" in China? 

-Will we continue to see double-digit compensation and benefits annual growth for employees and staff despite the economic slowdown in China, and is that really sustainable? 

-Will there continuously be tense labor relationships with associated more frequent breakout violence throughout China as was seen in 2014? 

We will continue the discussion highlighted above at our June session, with an added new discussion about what we as members of ATTA can and should do about the current and coming period of greater unpredictability in China.

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