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Asian companies are becoming global companies. In the process, they will run into unfamiliar challenges and need the advice of experienced transformation and turnaround professionals. One of the key roles of the ATTA members will be to support the evolution of Asian global business and share their experiences in global problem solving.

ATTA is the first organisation representing transformation and turnaround professionals in Asia - founded in 2010 by transformation and turnaround practitioners who identified the need for an organisation to actively represent the profession. ATTA's shared experience spans all forms of transformation and turnaround across multiple industries - from IT, media and technology, to manufacturing, retail, logistics and services.

ATTA members are from a wide range of backgrounds including:
  • Transformation and turnaround managers sharing experiences and networking within the industry.
  • Legal, accounting and consulting firms supporting transformation and turnarounds.
  • Bankers and private equity professionals seeking investments and deal flow in restructuring companies.
  • Finance directors and controllers seeking transformation and turnaround opportunities.
  • Human Resources professionals seeking advice on restructuring and sourcing new talent.
ATTA is a membership organisation run on a voluntary basis by a Board of experienced transformation and turnaround executives with broad experience in Asian and global business. 

As a membership organisation, ATTA’s objective is to support the needs of its members, If you would like to get involved with any area of the organisation, please contact the relevant Committee chair who would be delighted to hear from you.
The current Board members of ATTA are as follows:

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